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What technologies are used to achieve the stunning visual effects of the dome th


    Dome theater is a popular technological method in recent years. It uses multiple projectors to display a complete and coherent high-definition, large-scale picture in a hemispherical theater, which visually brings immersion to the audience. The oppressive feeling of the movie, and then the realization of an ideal viewing experience, the peculiar effect brought by the dome theater also made the public curious about the realization technology behind it.

Different from ordinary dome projection, the diameter area of the dome theater is very large, so its screen needs to use multi-board splicing to realize the keel-shaped auditorium structure to ensure the overall strength and curvature of the dome theater. This is also a dome screen. A more important link in cinema equipment.
     Because the image of the dome theater is too large, its realization requires the use of multiple projectors to splice and display multiple images. In order to ensure the beauty of the displayed images, we need to use projection fusion technology to process the fusion between the images. , Showing the effect of convergence and nature.