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If you want to be good at its "acting"......




For a singer on the stage, a good microphone can add wings to the performance, and for a singing performer or speaker, an outstanding headset microphone is also particularly important! Therefore, to perform good works, sing-and-dancers must first make their tools "sharp".


Headset microphone
Also called an ear-hook microphone. One of its major advantages is that it can free the hands of the performer while picking up clear sound, which is convenient for the performer to move and play freely.



Omnidirectional headset microphone:
The microphone has the same sensitivity for pickup in its 360° range, and has a smoother frequency response. Due to its excellent low-frequency processing capability, it can easily pick up even the performer's tone is low, ensuring its natural, smooth and clear sound.
Cardioid headset microphone:
Then the background environmental noise can be suppressed more prominently. Its frequency response depends to some extent on the distance to the signal source. The cardioid has the so-called "proximity effect". The advantage of this effect is extremely effective in reducing low-frequency background noise. The disadvantage is that even a slight change in the wearing position will change the timbre of the main voice. In addition, compared with the omnidirectional type, the cardioid direction is easier to collect wind noise and subtle collision sounds that are consistent with the microphone direction.
Omnidirectional headset microphone
HSP Essential Omni
No matter what you want to convey, the HSP Essential Omni neckband microphone can strengthen your persuasive power. Powerful voice can enhance the appeal of your speech, but the weight of the product will not bring you discomfort. The appearance is low-key, light weight, hardly any heavy feeling when worn, even if it is used for a long time, it will not feel pressure.
Pickup mode: omnidirectional
Sensitivity: 2,5mV/Pa +-3,5dB
Maximum sound pressure level: 148dB
SL Headmic 1
SL Headmic 1 is a very low-key and very comfortable headset microphone. It is equipped with a high-quality MKE 1 omnidirectional microphone head. The adjustable collar makes it possible to meet the usage habits of every user. The extremely light weight (7g) and the strong metal frame ensure long-term use.
Pickup mode: omnidirectional
Sensitivity: 5 mV/Pa ±3 dB
Maximum sound pressure level: 143dB
High-quality condenser cardioid binaural microphone for vocal and speech applications. The size can be adjusted individually. Patented anti-sweat diaphragm. Comes with a windshield. Due to the modular design, components can be easily interchanged and combined.
A revised version of HSP 4 is currently available, with a new microphone arm fixing clip. The new fixing clip has a very sturdy, openable design, and can be very firmly matched with the microphone arm.
Pickup pattern: cardioid directivity
Sensitivity: 4 mV/Pa ±3 dB
Maximum sound pressure level: 150dB