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What changes can audio bring to a family?


Many people think that the living room audio-visual system is optional, it is purely a kind of furnishings, because this kind of people have not experienced the charm of professional audio, and they have insufficient understanding of the value of home audio-visual. They can spend thousands of yuan to buy faucets and chandeliers. , Spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on decoration, but they were "stingy" a lot in terms of audio.

Although some people spend an average of 5K in movie theaters every year, they may also be affected by some external factors that affect the viewing experience when watching movies. For example, when watching a movie, I suddenly want to go to the bathroom, or receive an emergency call, or I want to review the exciting part, and I can’t adjust the progress bar. If I miss a wonderful shot, I can only spend money to watch the next one. Field. At this time, many people will consider home theater. The early home theaters were not only expensive, but also very troublesome to install. Nowadays, as the technology is more and more developed and the price is close to the people, and there are more and more video technology and product solutions, audio technology solutions are also emerging in endlessly. Under the same audio-visual effect, the money and time cost of using the home audio-visual system has been greatly reduced.
    Music is the second language of mankind. It brings everything in the world into a beautiful time and space, allowing you to reverie and enchant you as a whole. Every time I listen to music, I will forget all the worries, all the unhappiness, and even forget the time and everything. Why do so many men like to buy stereos, because once a man owns a stereo, his worries will disappear by 95%. Most people can smooth their breathing, relieve psychological pressure, calm fluctuating emotions, straighten out scattered thoughts, and regulate the internal circulation of the body through the interaction of the senses and rhythm of music.
     Many people think of the family's first reaction: warmth, safety, laughter. However, in reality, many couples in families turn their mobile phones silently after they come back from work every day, and when their children return home from school, they just do their homework. If accompanied by music and movies, boring housework will become infinitely interesting; melodious and smart melody, jumping between knives, forks, and chopsticks, creating a stylish and elegant dining environment, enhancing the appetite of the family; when a person is needed Put a song on when you are alone, then lie down on the sofa, enjoy the fullness and solidity brought by the music, and wash away worries and fatigue; in the middle of the night, the couple embraced watching a romantic movie and relived each other's love. The living room audio system tightly surrounds home life and slowly penetrates, breaking the boring and quiet atmosphere of the past, adding life interest, and making family life more warm and harmonious.
If there is a child who loves art in the family, he needs to have a good set of audio and video to cultivate his temperament, cultivate his love for life, let him experience the real sound of the instrument, grasp the master’s playing skills, and explore the profoundness of his works. The connotation. Using good speakers and playing good music to let children learn to sing and enhance their self-confidence is indeed a "multiplier" education method. Putting some music in the process of study or work can sometimes enhance the efficiency of study and work, because music can enhance creativity, planning and stimulate the right brain, especially classical music, which is very useful for the training and development of the right brain. Helping.
Children, under the influence of music, cultivate an elegant temperament from childhood, which also helps to improve memory and intellectual development; the elderly, listen to opera, dance square dances, and pass the lonely old age; pregnant women, listen to music in a wonderful mood Good prenatal education can also be carried out. Everyone is eagerly looking forward to a better life for their families. The living room audio system is not only a personal enjoyment, it has also risen to the level of family care.

A simple living room audio-visual system can connect a family and let the family have more topics. When K singing and watching movies become the main entertainment activities of a family, not only the relationship between husband and wife is warming up, parent-child interaction is closer, and even relatives and friends will prefer to visit, and more people will fall in love with this family entertainment mode. The karaoke function of the party house audio can also score and record, and you can also share with WeChat with one click, so that more relatives and friends can share the joy together, and make every party full of laughter.
Elegant temperament and noble taste are all nurtured in specific life habits. Modern people not only pay attention to career success, but also pay special attention to the improvement of their own artistic taste and life style. Beautiful melody is flying everywhere in the home. Letting music accompany life is undoubtedly a very good way to enhance art appreciation and life taste. . And advanced music equipment, elegant music tunes, can better set off people's artistic accomplishment and life taste.